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Please take a moment to see what our parents have to say about Gesu...

From the day my husband and I first came to Gesu Catholic School with our three sons, we knew it was the right place for them. The caring and supportive teachers nurtured our then shy, quiet son, who at the time had little self confidence in himself into a confident, motivated student and leader. Our two younger sons are being challenged to exceed their already high expectations and goals to achieve excellence! I’ve been a parent at Gesu for over 7 years and firmly believe that it is a safe, nurturing, challenging and spirit-filled school that truly understands the importance of child growth socially, religiously and academically.

If you want a safe, challenging, nurturing environment for your child, Gesu Catholic School is the place for you! 


Pamela & Marcel Todd, Parents



People typically have a strong affinity for their high school or college, but it’s rare to have such active and invested alumni for an elementary school. My first academic love is Gesu School. Our alumni network is strong, which is a testament to how profoundly and positively we were impacted as children at Gesu. I’m so grateful that my parents sent all six of us to Gesu. My husband and I are giving our children the same gift, 

Gladys Ayala ESQ
Parent and Former Student 

Edward and I would like to thank Gesu School so much for selecting our son for recognition tonight. It was very nice and really made us appreciate the time, energy and dedication Gesu has put in our son.
We are doing our best as parents to blossom our son into a respectful, God-fearing, young man. However, there is no way we could not give Gesu homage for helping define his leadership, mentoring, and humility displayed. And for that, we are truly grateful for Gesu Catholic School and you for seeing those qualities in him.

Michelle & Edward L. Parents


We chose Gesu for our son because we want him to not only have a quality education, but just as important, we want the Catholic Christian morals and values we are teaching him at home to be reinforced everyday while at school.
We love that school starts every morning with prayer, as that is how we began our day at home. Our son has attended Gesu since preschool. We have been extremely satisfied with all his teachers as well as the administrative staff.
The teachers are very patient and teach him things we did not expect him to learn until later in his elementary academic endeavors. We feel the entire staff at Gesu is nurturing and they genuinely care for his future and his overall well being. We truly appreciate the entire staff and faculty at Gesu Catholic School.

Sherene H. & Michael C. Parents